“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Benjamin Franklin

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Benjamin Franklin

…And here I am in the middle of both.

I recently lost my dear nephew, a kind, adventuress, full of life and it’s wonder soul.


Gone way before he should have been.
Ripped from the living.
He was not finished on this earth, really just beginning, and now all we have are memories.
And the fine example of how he lived.
Which was fully.

photo (6)

I walked into his apt and on his bulletin board was a to do list of sorts-his goals-his things that made him, him.
Near the top, below Engineering job and Masters Program was Travel.
And below that was *Winter.*


He loved winter sports…skiing, snowboarding, and really anything that brought him a thrill…
And now he is gone…an unfinished life.

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To honor him I will pick up his thread. A thread that he got from his father and also from those that came before, who are no longer with us physically, but whose blood courses thru our veins …and continue while I can…until that time when I too will come to the end of my finite days of doing and ultimately of being.

photo 2

I will try and live each day…remembering his legacy that he left us…
To be kind and to do what brings you joy.
To do what you have to do fully…as there is only one today…the present each of us is given.

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While I spend the next weeks doing taxes- the thing I do to make money to live my one wild and exciting life-I will do so with gratitude and fully engaged.

Different now than before -when I only looked at the tax season with drudgery-
Just a means to make my money.

Now I have the reminder…
Today IS the present…unwrap it and live it.

Thank you Jeff for the memories of our time together in France-I cherish them.
Thank you Jeff for my new mantra to get me through these days…WWJD
~what would Jeff do~


God is in the details

I do not make New Year’s resolutions.
I accept as truth that I am an unfinished work in progress-which means my resolutions can strike me on any of the 365 days of the year-not just on New Years Day.

But this year I will make a New Years resolution.
… well, maybe not so much a resolution, but a theme for my year, blossoming on this, the first day of the New Year.


And here it is…


…Pay attention to the Detail…


…Live my life with eyes wide open.


Noticing the detail of the beauty that surrounds me feels like the best New Years Resoultion I can make as I peer through passages seeking breathless wonder.


“And now we welcome the New Year. Full of things that have never been.” –Rainer Maria Rilke
Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist



On a day, just like any other normal day, I answered my phone.

But unlike any other normal day, I received an invitation to go to Alameda.

Now, being from California I have heard of this town by name, but that’s it- didn’t know anything about the town-never been there-never knew I should go there. But after I heard Victorian houses with Christmas decorations I said to myself…when the universe calls you with a gift…girrrl, say yes!

So that is how I found myself in Alameda-a small island 7 miles East of San Francisco-for a whirlwind 3 days of sisterhood fun.

We landed on the heels of a much touted storm, but here’s the thing about travel & weather-you need to be as prepared as you can but more importantly you need to be flexable.

Which for this trip meant boots, rain jacket and umbrella all packed & ready.

Turns out I only needed my umbrella for 20 minutes, the jacket 50% of the time, and the boots 100% of the time.

I luv boots…and yet I live in Hawaii where we wear slippahs…so any day I can wear boots is a good day!

And my boots are made for walking…


This brand is wonderful on your feet…I can walk for miles and miles… And have in Paris with these same boots-ditto their sandals They are pricey for sure, but when you factor in hurt feet=crappy time –they are so worth the money.

Ok…Enough side shoe talk back to the adventure…

With no real expectations for this adventure except knowing whatever was going to happen was bound to be good-After all, I was going to be in Alameda, a small island chock full of Victorian Homes and Bungalows,and in the company of some fabulous women.

Really-how could it not be good?

And it was fabulous!

Each day & night we took long walks around the island.

Scenes from a winter walk:


Loved, loved, loved the houses.

From the Painted Ladies…

IMG_3460_edited-1 IMG_3418_edited-1

To the Stately & Grand & the sweet little Bungalows…




And the Whimsical…


And the houses dressed for Christmas…



We walked and walked in breathless wonder of the sights before us.
Stopping to admire every detail of what we were seeing…

IMG_3383_edited-1 IMG_3397_edited-1

When we needed a meal or a drink this is where we landed…

Mexican food at its best! La Penca Azul www.lapencaazul.com



Burma Superstar-great food Burma Style www.burmasuperstar.com

-excellent food, mojitos & company equals Happy Girls!
Apparently we all got the memo, wear black or a shade thereof…



A stop at Jays for Mexican hot chocolate- made just like Moms!



And, of course,

no one had to twist my arm to stop at Tuckers Ice Cream…they have been making ice cream since 1941-yum!



And a nightcap at where else for these Hawaiian Girls…the Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge



…After 3 days of breathless wonders it was time to click our ruby reds