Moments from a FABULOUS Year

 “She packed up her potential, and all she had learned, grabbed a cute pair of shoes, and headed out to change a few things.” -Anonymous

Paris December 2013 292 - Copy

Shaking up life with two adventures to France in 2013

Huge and Fabulous !

To travel is something that feeds my soul.

 In life we sometimes ignore this – the feeding of our soul-but really it is as essential as breathing.

To feel most alive, to feel inspired, that’s the feeling you get when your soul is full.

For me it is the thrill of discovering somewhere new

-the being in someplace beautiful

-the sharing of moments.

As we enter a New Year I wish for you that you discover what thrills you & experience what feeds your soul.

FRANCE 2013 301

Monet’s gardens at Giverny. A flower lover’s paradise. About 1 hour out of Paris-a metro, train, bus ride away-

but so worth it.

FRANCE 2013 174

Paris-in slow mo-

When traveling, especially to somewhere new, you can forget to slow down and just enjoy. One sunny afternoon in the Jardin du Luxembourg, one of the prettiest places in Paris, we brought a picnic lunch from a nearby pâtisserie, our books, journals & we just enjoyed being in the park- in Paris-on a sunny afternoon in July.


Dinner in Nice

While walking in  Nice in the south of France we stumbled on this restaurant. We knew right away that this was someplace we wanted to experience but they were all booked for that night and the next and the next. As luck would have it their first opening was our last night in Nice. It was an awesome celebration dinner.

Scrumptious food in a Fabulous setting.


~and always the lavender fields in Provence.


Here’s a tip-wait until sundown & the color Purple will make you sigh.

FRANCE 2013 006

~and then there are the sunflowers too.

FRANCE 2013 117

Enjoying the café culture with soul sisters.

 Paris December 2013 704

Christmas time in Paris- the perfect ending to a fabulous year of travel in France.

Paris December 2013 588


Christmas Windows at the Grand Department Stores in Paris

Christmas is the biggest window licking season in Paris and the grande magasins put on a huge show

PARIS 2011 173

PARIS 2011 177

 At dusk a visit to the department stores in the 9th arrondissement near the Opéra Granier on Blvd Hausmann,-the Galeries Lafeyette and Printemps 

PARIS 2011 138

Le Bon Marche across the river in the left bank of Paris-Le Rive Gauche will get you in the holiday spirit.



Like New York City, Paris is famous for their Christmas windows which delight young and old alike.

IMG_0985First thing -get some hot chestnuts from the men on the sidewalk roasting them over coals in a barrel.

DSCF1903[1]Then get in with the crowd. Don’t try & fight the crowds-surrender to the sea of humanity buzzing with energy & go with the flow-from one window to the next eating your hot chestnuts and taking in the wonderland in the windows.

IMG_0991IMG_0999Then make your way across the street to take it all in.


The Journey ~ As Sweet as the Destination~


PARIS 2011 053

The journey to get there is a sweet ritual.

france 09 482

First I walk past the Louvre with its glass pyramid that holds a fabulous memory for me

…another story for another day.

PARIS 2011 220

Then under the arch of giant horses looking down at me as I pass thru


- the official name is the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel-from here you can see beyond the Tuileries gardens, past the Place de la Concorde, all the way down the Champs Elysées to the Arc de Triomphe.

PARIS 2011 198

Onto the crunch of the gravel of the manicured pathways of the Jardin des Tuileries-

PARIS 2011 194

Do I stop to rest in the inviting green chairs?

 Or turn right & go past the children’s playground, up the stairs, out of the park to rue de Rivoli.


Onto the rush of the covered sidewalks of the busy Rue de Rivoli. Almost there; but first some lèche vitrine-licking windows-Limoges boxes, Lalique, Daum & Baccarat crystal-lovely to look at.


…and finally I’ve arrived.


Do I stand in line and just get a few macarons, or is now the time to sit down & indulge in that super-rich, hot chocolat l’Africain with one of their fabulous pastries? Last time it was their eclairs, this time should it be their famous Mont Blanc piled high with meringue, whipped cream & chestnut cream vermicelli?


ANGELINA’S 226 Rue de Rivoli PARIS

open daily

Mon-Friday 7:30-7

Sat & Sun 8:30-7