The MidLife Adventuress

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“Open my heart & you will see graved inside of it, Italy” Robert Browning

September 27th, 2015[1]


My heart flutters with anticipation,

What will I see?

How will it be?




The essence of Tuscany comes back to me…


the sights I have seen,

the sounds, the smells, the taste

 and memories of that summer in 2013


when I was forever touched by

Bella Toscana.


ITALY 2013 371


The sound of the local morning men

 that greeted us

each with a nod



as we walked single file by them,

as they sat,

one after the other, 

on the low wall of the entrance

inviting us to their beautiful spot on earth



Where I like to think

they gather together each morning

discussing whatever it is that

Italian men discuss.



Will they still be there?

ITALY 2013 209


The lovely piccolo player

in the piazza in Pienza,

her sweet sounds floating in the air

mixing with the laughter of the children playing 


the chatter of the townspeople out for their passeggiando

….I love this ritual of the Italians of

never thinking of staying in after dinner and watching TV

when there is real life happening

out in the Piazza


ITALY 2013 509


I hold in my mind, my heart, my soul


~ Italy~


That season of sharing  good times with my

Fabulous  Girlfriends


italy france 2013 i phone 030


Remembering the disbelief of the two cyclist-

who stopped by our table as we were enjoying desert

with our morning coffee-


when they heard our answer to their question

of where we were going & how long were we staying.


 “has the drama begun yet?” 


They asked,


when they heard we were 4 woman

  traveling together for 4 weeks.


And our surprise at that question,

as it had never occurred to us that that could even happen,

It never entered our minds that amongst the beauty of our surroundings,

and the thrill to be sharing this adventure together

(& the tasty deserts)

that there could be the kind of drama they asked about.



Drama didn’t happen that day nor any other day along this magical adventure….


Which maybe is the #1 Tip  I can give to you

 before you start out on an adventure


Choose  your travel partners  wisely.

ITALY 2013 146



Last on board for this adventure was

Sweet Sherry

ITALY 2013 487


who has that wonderful gift of Slow Living.

That ability to slow down & absorb life,

Which gives an openness about her 

that allows her to start conversations with



This leads to interesting experiences

that would never happen

if you stay closed off in your own little group.


ITALY 2013 149

And then there was


(AKA, Gigi, or Gidget

– depending on where we are in the world)

my faithful travel partner,

and a calm, centered soul.

 Whether it is Paris, Waikiki or San Francisco,

she knows how to go with the flow.


Which is Tip # 2 in picking a travel partner.

It’s all about the attitude.


ITALY 2013 169

And  Eileen,

who I didn’t know before- 

but in that small-world-kinda-way

met once, years ago

 on the beach in Waikiki

when we were on the same canoe ride

 and after talking realized

we had a lot in common

 Including Glenda.

So I knew that she was okay

…because Glenda told me so.


Turns out she was more than ok…

We all can take a lesson

from her on how to pack light.



ITALY 2013 469

My mind jumps to this upcoming adventure and what it will be like.


how can it be anything but grand.

 I answer the door to


soul stirring,


  If I remember to stay open…

live in the moment,


Attitude is Everything.

And remember how lucky am I,

to be in


Tuscany, Fall 2015 

ITALY 2013 501

but also Knowing

it is not all just luck…

I will write more later on how I pull this off.

As I am not rich,

nor do I  live anywhere near

that neighborhood.




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